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July 2008
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Artists Journals - Archival issues In this five-minute podcast, artist's journals expert Aisling D'Art talks about the most important archival issues when you begin keeping an artist's journal.

First, there is the paper you use in your journal.  It's great if it's pH neutral and archival.  If it's not, there are products that can neutralize the paper so that it's more archival.

Then, there is the glue.  Generally, the glue or adhesive that you use is slightly more important than the paper's archival qualities.  Great glue and yellowing, brittle paper can be a problem, but archival paper with regular rubber cement can be tragic.

So, start with a good glue.

Because we often include "found" paper, ephemera or mementos, many items in our journals probably won't be archival.  That's where a neutralizing spray product can be handy.

Listen to this podcast for more tips.
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Daily photos in artist's journals Take photos! That's the message of artist's journals expert Aisling D'Art. 

In this five-minute podcast, Aisling shares tips and prompts for photos that will make your journals and illustrated diaries even more memorable.
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Kinds of art journals What are the rules about art journals (or artist's journals, or illustrated diaries)?  There are none.

In this five-minute podcast, artist's journals pioneer Aisling D'Art talks about the kinds of journals you may want to keep, and how to organize them.
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Letterboxing - easy art stamps Letterboxing is a great excuse to combine art, hiking and a treasure hunt.  In this five-minute podcast, artist Aisling D'Art takes the mystery out of carving rubber stamps, and suggests some easier alternatives.

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Aisling's previous letterboxing podcast

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What goes into an artist's journal? Aisling D'Art shares ideas about what to put into your own illustrated journal or diary.

Start with the everyday... the things that seem mundane to you.  They're often the most interesting when you re-read your journal in later years.  Your descendants may especially enjoy these kinds of insights to your daily routines, errands and recreation.
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Artists Journals - top three questions from beginners Aisling resumes her weekly podcasts with a quick review of the top three questions from beginning journalers:

1. Do you write text first, or create the art first?
2. What glue should I use?
3. What can I put into my journal?

This podcast was originally timed for the relaunch of Santa Flamingo as resource for original art, digital art and whimsy.

However, on second thought, Aisling delayed it by one week in favor of a 'green' themed podcast for Earth Day.
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Earth Day at Santa Flamingo - letterboxing!

This week, we're celebrating Earth Day at Santa Flamingo.

In this podcast, Aisling talks about a few 'green' aspects of artists' journals.

Then, she shares one of her favorite hobbies that combines art plus the green outdoors: Letterboxing!

Letterboxing, described at Wikipedia, international letterboxing

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Art, visual volume, and authenticity There are three ways to approach your art:

1. Forget about the audience.  Just make it. 
If this works for you, continue!  This podcast isn't for you.

2. Plan everything carefully with your audience in mind.
This works for almost no one, but everyone seems to lapse into it now and then... including me.

3. Increase the drama, internally, and then express it.  Or just visually shout.  Or... well, that's what I'm talking about in this podcast: Reaching your audience across the distance (mental or physical or both) while retaining authenticity.

[And, oh yes, if you're wondering where the paintings are, you may want to see Eileen Morey, Fine Artist.]
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