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Don't wait!  Create art today! Today's message is simple:  Don't postpone making art, because you have to buy the supplies or tidy an area in which to create art.

Work with what you have.

I've heard that Matisse, the famous painter, developed severe arthritis as he aged, and he could no longer hold a paintbrush.  So, he created art with kiddie scissors, cutting out big areas of construction paper. 

Gluing those areas of color in interesting patterns, he launched an entirely new period in his art.  Today, many people are more familiar with those works than his paintings.

If you don't have acrylic or oil paints, work with watercolors.  If that doesn't make you sing in the shower, try working with cut-up magazine pages... or even torn paper collage, as I created in some of my artists journals.

The point is:  Don't put off creating art.  Express yourself with something "artistic" today!
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Paint first, don't draw! One of the worst things that an aspiring artist can do is attempt to draw before learning to paint.

Drawing requires eye-hand coordination, skill with line and the ability to get proportions right.

Painting only requires the ability to see colors and shapes, and put corresponding blobs of paint on a canvas or paper.

Start with painting!  That's today's message from Santa Flamingo, where every day is a great day.

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Underpainting with cadmium red and other colors Whenever you're using paint, an underpainting (another layer of paint that you'll cover with other color/s) can make a huge difference.

In this podcast, I talk about ways to use Cadmium red.  That's a vivid red with a tinge of orange in it.  I've used it successfully in my paintings and in my art shrines.

That's today's brief podcast from Santa Flamingo, where all the sunsets are vivid and the stars always sparkle at night.

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The silent "e" in names, a dot of Chinese red, or some carnations in the corner of your office or living space... all of them can make a big difference.

That's the latest message from Santa Flamingo, where all the sunrises are colorful and all the conversations are interesting!

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Have you ever had a tune stuck in your head?  Often, the best solution is to find a copy of that tune, play it, sing along with it, and gradually erase it from your brain.

If you're having a grumpy day and you need to make art, maybe you should start with some good, grumpy art!  Express yourself and your deepest feelings in art, even if it's art that nobody will see.  Get those feelings out of your head!

Never try to "fake it" with art.  Art only works when it's authentic.  Instead, put your emotions into your art, and see if that helps you move beyond a case of the grumpies.

Links: - The very new hub of all of my work as Aisling D'Art
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There are two ways not to shop... and not to make art. 

The first is when you're in a grumpy mood.  Don't make art when you're not feeling inspired at all.  Or, if you do, make deliberately grumpy art!

The other is when you have, in your mind's eye, a photographic image of the finished art.  When you work that way, the art is already completed.  Putting it on paper or canvas or whatever...?  That's just copying, and there's not much positive energy in copying. 

So, find the inspiration deep within you, and work from that.

Important note: This channel will now become Views from Santa Flamingo, and get back to whimsy, artist-to-artist chats, and all that good stuff.

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