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Sometimes, do you need to get unstuck?  Whether you're a visual artist who can't seem to get moving again, or a writer with writer's block, Aisling's advice may help.  Hear her chat about the creative process and her inhale/exhale theories of inspiration. 
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In this completely unscripted podcast, I ramble about new magazines and books, and what's inspiring me... both in positive and (ouch) negative ways.   I also talk about current and upcoming projects including my art zine, and--yes, I'm blushing--yet another website.

My Cafe Press shop: Santa Flamingo
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Let's take a step back, before you even clear a space to work on art.  Do you have the creative vision yet?  If not, start with what I call "Step Zero" and establish the mental space you'll need to come up with brilliant, original and creative ideas.

In this podcast, I share tips for welcoming the Muse, and creating the inspired state of mind where artistic ideas can flourish.

Jaime Brockett, singer/songwriter

Recorded 3 Nov 2006
Recording time: 5 min, 5 sec
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Are you ready to make art?  Let me rephrase that:  Is your work area ready for you to make art?  In today's Miles Away from Mundane podcast, I talk about the importance of having a clean desk or workspace before you start setting up your art supplies.

Recorded 26 Oct 2006
Recording time: 3 min, 45 sec
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This Miles Away from Mundane podcast is about using a dream and an awkward memory to spark ideas for art dolls and figures.  My imagery includes the "hear no evil..." monkeys as well as vintage faces and the movie Pleasantville.

I talk about both one-of-a-kind mixed media figures and  "production line" figures (created in a sort of mass-production style, not exactly one-by-one).

Links and resources:
40 Faces for figures - My Cafe Press CD with doll and figure faces that you can use.
Pleasantville - This is a great "background movie" when I'm working on art. I just plain like this movie, anyway.
Tyson Emanuel provided the background music for this podcast.  It's his original work, Divided Beliefs.

You can subscribe (it's free!) to this podcast series at Odeo, among other podcasting services.

Recorded 9 Oct 2006
Recording time: 7 minutes, 35 seconds
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Shui to Go - Halloween tips A sample Feng Shui podcast, featuring decorating notes for Halloween: 
Black is a career color and orange is ideal for fame/reputation.  So, Halloween is perfect for upgrading your Feng Shui luck!

Avoid excessively scary, tacky or repellant images.  Think about creative and original holiday decor. 

Remember: This is the one time of year when you have an opportunity to let people glimpse inside your home.  Use your fame area (directly ahead when anyone looks in your front door) to make a strong and favorable impression.

Links and resources:
For more show notes and book recommendations, see Shui To Go!
Background music by Tyson Emanuel; it's his original composition, "Touched by Fire."
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Topics: Why podcasting?

Also, the creative process, using stencils, window wax, and art cars as an example. 

Here are some of the links that I mention during this five-minute podcast:

Stencil Street Art
Plastic Radios dot com
The Vermont Country Store - window wax stencils
Music by James Underberg (my primary art website)
and, of course,, the site that hosts my creative podcasts

If you'd like to call me with a comment*, our message line is  206-600-4278.  Be sure to mention that you're commenting on this podcast.  And, remember that I may use all or part of your comments in a future podcast.

*Please be kind.  I know that there are pops and snaps when I'm too close to my microphone.  And, there are silences & "ummms"... and a few times when I clearly lose my train of thought, mid-sentence.  I will improve with practice!
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Welcome to my new podcasting blog!  I'm planning to add a new art-related podcast at least once a week.  Here are a few basics, if you're looking for more info:

For more information about my current projects, see my new hub website,

My first totally-art website was, which still links to my many art-related websites and projects.

Comments are individually approved by me before they appear here.  (If I'm working crazy hours on a project, I may not get to this for a few days.)  Generally, I won't approve posts about gambling or dating websites, pharmaceuticals, financial opportunities with deposed Nigerian officials, and so on.

You can leave a comment by phone at 206-600-4278.  (That was supposed to be 200-600-4art, but then I realized that it might look like "fart" instead of "for art.")  Remember that, if you leave a voice message, you automatically give me permission to use all or part of it in an upcoming podcast.

If you have suggestions for future podcasts, email them to podcasts at aisling dot net.  Thanks!
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